Paragon City: War Walls

11 September 2013
Don't Skip Ahead!

General Joe Colton, who looks like Bruce Willis and dresses like Patton, pulls a collection of heroes into a top-secret government facility to ask them to enter Paragon City through a vulnerability in its sewer network and to find out what has become of its citizens, including its hundreds of superheroes. His recruits include: Burnie, a pyromaniac blaster; Deadblow, a Superadine-poisoned tanker; Jack, a gunslinging asshole who’s older than he looks; Los Alamos, not-so-secret weapon of the federal government; Regulator, a bad-ass scrapper; Shooter, practitioner of truncheon-fu; and Tinker, master of all things mechanical.

Colton also asks them to look out for his niece, Annette Caelum, also known as the superheroine Fusionette! She, like all the other heroes in Paragon City, has been incommunicado for the past year, and her family is deeply worried about her.

The heroes enter the sewers without pausing to discuss their strategy, and Los Alamos rushes ahead, exposing himself to a frickin’ laser trap. Tinker tries to disarm the trap, lingering over the intricacies of it, and Shooter gently encourages him to leave.

They then face their next peril: piranha droids! These chicken-shaped chomper-bots attack the party but are quickly dispatched by our heroes.

Will the party make it out of the sewers and into Paragon City? Only time will tell!


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